About Us

We’ve been inspiring change and promoting green living since 2007.

SuperHome owners are leading the way, creating a better tomorrow.

SuperHomes is a rapidly expanding network energy aware households who are redefining green living. All members have refurbished their old homes to the highest standards of energy efficiency with sustainable and low energy measures meaning less reliance on fossil fuels. We know that many households can benefit from their experiences and be inspired to make changes to help shape a green future.

SuperHomes History

SuperHomes History

SuperHomes was initially set up in 2007 by the Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA).  The aim was to spread awareness of how household CO2 emissions could be reduced by 60- 80%, even in hard-to-treat homes and to inspire other homeowners to act.

In recognition of its work on SuperHomes the Academy won an Ashden Award in 2009 and a Sustainable Energy Europe Award in 2014.  In 2014 SEA merged with the National Energy Foundation (NEF), helping to ensure that SuperHomes continued to grow and thrive.

The initial target was to reach 200 homes and this was done, with 222 homes eventually reaching SuperHomes status.  This meant that there was a SuperHome within 30 miles of over 85% of the population of England.

An important aspect of the original SuperHomes programme was peer to peer learning through a programme of free national open days. In addition, there was a case study of each SuperHome on the project website with lots of resource materials and video fly-throughs.

Following a period of relative dormancy SuperHomes was relaunched by NEF in April 2021 with a new Rating Scheme and member Network, with funding from the MCS Charitable Foundation and Innovate UK and strategic support from the Sustainable Development Foundation.

Our Partners. The power of together.

We are proud to be working with the following partners and sponsors whose generous support has helped the SuperHomes network grow.

The superHomes Mission

We are committed to a sustainable future.

To create a network of one million SuperHomes by the year 2030 to influence and inspire others in their journey to energy efficient home renovation.

To achieve this mission, we will work with our network and partners to inform, inspire and recognise measurable green changes and celebrate the SuperHomes efforts and achievements.

Aims and objectives

Our journey to a carbon neutral community.

  • Create one million SuperHomes by 2030. Through the network and our team of trained SuperHome assessors we will work with residents and housing associations to create one million certified low carbon homes
  • Create community amongst our SuperHomers and budding Superhomers. Through networking events and online communities we will allow our members to share experiences and help others on their retrofit journey

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