10 reasons why you feel better in a SuperHome

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Refurbishing your home to a high standard of energy efficiency can have many benefits for your general health and wellbeing:

  1. Other people’s fuel bills go up, yours go down. So you don’t dread those winter bills.
  2. Your house value is increased, so you are financially better off.1
  3. Your home is future-proofed against increasingly scarce energy supply, so you get peace of mind.
  4. Mould growth is reduced or eliminated, so you breathe better and have better health.
  5. Draught stripping and double glazing insulate you against external noise, so your home is more peaceful.
  6. Double Glazing increases your security.
  7. Draughts are reduced, so you feel warmer and more comfortable.
  8. Your home stays warm 24/7, reducing chances of illness and hypothermia. And because all the rooms are warm, you can use all your home.
  9. Your home produces less environmentally damaging emissions, helping protect the planet and your kids.
  10. Your home is insulated against summer sun, so it need no longer overheat. Happy days!

Note: 1. Improve an old home in England from EPC G to A/B and its value increases on average by 14% according to a 2013 DECC report . However, do balance this with the EU report p115 which found no increase in house values in Oxford. Expect regional variances. Also bear in mind that houses with higher EPCs are also perhaps more likely to have had other home improvement such as refitted kitchens which increase the perceived value. If so, it would suggest that energy improvements are joining the package of changes people consider that add value and attract higher prices on resale.

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