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London, Hanwell, Cumberland Road


House Summary

Owners: Tom Lipinski
House Type: Victorian mid terrace maisonette with loft conversion
Carbon Saving: 62%
Installed Measures:
  • External insulation – also south-facing wall wrapped in heat reflecting Tyveck Enerrcor
  • Internal insulation – new dormer walls 150mm & 175mm polyurethane board insulation between & over joists; insulation joints sealed; vapour & air tight. Inside loft lined with Du Pont Energain Phase Change Material (PCM)
  • Windows – PassivHaus standard – triple glazed inc warm edge spacers; double glazed replacements with krypton
  • Insulated exterior doors
  • Additional draught proofing
  • Roof insulation – 225mm polyurethane and sedum roof
  • Solar hot water & heating – evacuated tube, HW cylinders connected to thermal storage system
  • Low energy lighting
  • Low energy appliances
  • Grey water recycling, water saving devices, green sedum roof, recycling facilities

NB as there is no calculable heat loss floor, or indeed any heat loss walls in the property, the starting point for modelling is very high.

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