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London, Haringey, Barrington Road


House Summary

Owners: Norman Beddington and Charlotte Thompson
House Type: 1905- Semi-detached; 2 floors
Carbon Saving: 62%
Installed Measures:
  • Only ceiling between 3rd bedroom and kitchen below insulated for sound. Build-up is Ply/mineral fibre/Gyproc bar/double plasterboard layer
  • Worcester Bosch Gerenstar 181 System Mark III condensing boiler fitted; also new cylinder with additional coil for SHW
  • 7 pairs of sashes on N side of house replaced with double-glazed sashes with Low-E coating. 2 other sashes replaced with double-glazed ones.
  • All windows repaired and draught-stripped (or replaced)
  • Whole length of side wall insulated externally with 50 mm of Kingspan K5-EWB phenolic insulation board
  • 65 mm of Kingspan rigid urethaneTP10 board fitted to all floor joists
  • Front and rear bays internally insulated with 55 mm of Kingspan
  • 40% of front loft insulated with 270 mm of Knauf Loftroll. Remainder covered to joist level with Loftroll, with 50 mm of Kingspan TF 70 insulation boards laid on top. Rear loft insulated to 270 mm depth.
  • 11W LEDs in downstairs wetroom; 5.5 W LEDs on kitchen track. 18W compact CFL above kitchen table. All other lamps energy-saving CFLs.
  • 50 mm of Celotex insulation fitted between joists, with air gap to roofing felt.
  • Barilla T25 with18 evacuated tubes. Estimated output was 1980 kWh pa, but actual output has been 2572 kWh
  • 12 x 235 W ET solar panels. Estimated output was 2342 kWh, but actual output pa. has been 2572kWh
  • Rainwater Harvesting Rain Director system fitted with 800l tank. Supplies 2 WCs and washing machine. One toilet is dual flush 4l/2.6l; other is 6l/3.5l capacity.

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