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London, Haringey, Muswell Hill, Grosvenor Road


House Summary

Owners: Stewart and Mary Mcilroy
House Type: Edwardian 1900 end of terrace
Carbon Saving: 61%
Installed Measures:
  • All internal faces of external walls insulated with 10mm ‘Sempatap’ internal wall insulation
  • Attic roof insulation of 100mm Kingspan, plasterboard plus 10mm ‘Sempatap’
  • Refurbished sash windows with ‘Magneglaze’ secondary glazing on all windows
  • Draft reduction through double doors to attic (& letter box!), heavy curtains,
  • New condensing boiler, replaced old 15-20 year old boiler. TRVs added.
  • Two wood burning stoves (‘Clearview Vision’ in living room heats whole house)
  • 2 x 2m2 solar panels for thermal hot water with large well insulated tank (‘AOS Solar’)
  • 8x260W Solar PV panels on South & West elevations (‘Ecodomus’)
  • Continuous running low energy fan in bathroom (‘Vent Axia – Lo Carbon’)
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Water saving devices include; low flow shower, low flow washers in most taps
  • Living roof from recycled carpet (‘Green Roof Options’)
  • Living wall and pond, vegetables
  • Personal Story:

    I have always been interested in environmental issues and see it as our responsibility to act sustainably in everything we do. Working towards an energy efficient house and wildlife friendly garden should be seen in that context. Over the years we have done more work on the house as our knowledge and money has allowed.


    All of our family are interested in environmental issues including household energy efficiency, the countryside and wildlife. I also find DIY, using recycled products where possible, practical and fulfilling and a relaxation from my job as a management consultant. We have carried out the energy saving refit of our house for several reasons including comfort (a warm house is more comfortable than a cold house) plus doing the right thing in terms of reducing our carbon emissions. The energy efficiency renovation process has also been very interesting and satisfying. Helping others to reduce their emissions in a cost effective manner, including avoiding some of the blind alleys we went down, is also very rewarding

  • Property:

    Large (200m2) 1900 Edwardian end of terrace property over 3 floors including attic. Solid wall construction with 31 windows. All original features including sash windows, coving, wood floors and two fireplaces now with wood burning stoves.

  • Measures:

    2 wood burning stoves (main one on ground floor)
    New high efficiency gas boiler
    Solar hot water
    Solar PV
    All windows with secondary glazing
    All internal faces of external walls with internal wall insulation
    Underfloor sheeps wool insulation
    Continuous running heat recovery fan in bathroom


    The main benefit of the refurbishment is that now the whole house is always warm and comfortable without being too stuffy or humid. We only need the central heating during mid winter and then for all 30 mins in the morning and mid afternoon. Cutting wood for the stove is also fun. The continuous running fan and dehumidifier provide adequate ventilation and prevent condensation.

    Favourite Feature:

    We enjoy the stoves the most including procuring, cutting, splitting and storing the wood. We burn mainly tree surgeon trimmings and waste wood to get the stove going. The main stove provides a focal point for the house and heats the whole house (including the bedrooms). A stove top fan is effective in moving the heat from around the stove to the rest of the house. We use the central heating system only for 2×30 min sessions during the coldest days. Wood storage needs to be planned well in advance with logs split and aired for at least 12 months before burning. We use a moisture meter to ensure an efficient burn.

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