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Meet our energy saving pioneers.

Norfolk, Downham Market, Barroway Drove


House Summary

Owners: Paul Page
House Type: 1978 detached bungalow
Carbon Saving: 92%
Installed Measures:
  • Double glazing throughout
  • Cavity wall filled with insulation
  • 300mm loft insulation
  • Kingspan solar thermal system
  • 7.5kWp Solar PV system
  • 16b Charnwood bio boiler, heats all radiators and hot water
  • Vphase voltage optimization system
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Water saving devices; two 1000 litre rain water tank for washing car and watering veg garden, low flow taps
  • Apollo GEM generated management system


  • Motivations:

    This is the reason for us turning our home into a SuperHome. In the beginning it was just for financial benefit, but now its for our grandson and his future

  • Property:

    My property was built in 1978. When we purchased it the house was in a sorry state no insulation, windows rotten and oil central heating.

  • Measures:

    All the changes made to our home are a very good investment as combined they save me on my energy and heating bills which save me cash.

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