Sustainable Energy Academy merges with National Energy Foundation

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The Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA) and the National Energy Foundation (NEF) have merged this month under the umbrella of NEF, helping ensure SuperHomes continues to grow at an accelerated pace.

National Energy Foundation LogoSEA is the charity behind SuperHomes and the development of WHISCERS. NEF is an independent charity which has been at the forefront of improving the use of energy in buildings since 1988.

Both NEF and SEA share a reputation for excellence in improving the use of energy in buildings and the integration of both not-for-profit organisations is already well under way. In practice the two organisation merged on 1st March 2014.

Benefits of merger
With similar educational objectives and a track record of working successfully together since 2007, it was agreed by both Boards of Trustees last year that a merger would produce a number of mutually desirable benefits, including:

  • The potential for more rapid development of the SuperHomes project
  • Global gains in terms of the amount of advice the public will be able to access
  • Able to share expertise and use staff and resources more flexibly
  • An instant 20% vat saving on many of the costs SEA incurred

Positive Response
The response of SuperHomers to the suggestion of merger has been resoundingly positive. SuperHomers commented that it “makes a huge amount of sense”, is “a sensible way forward” and seems “a logical and cost and time effective step”.

Shared Aims
NEF has complementary charitable aims to SEA, “To promote through education, demonstration and research the innovative efficient and safe use of energy… thereby to increase public awareness of energy in all its aspects”.

Merger is GO!
As a result of the merger, NEF will take over full operational responsibility for all SEA projects and SEA staff will be transferred to NEF without any disruption. All those NEF staff currently carrying out the day to day activities of SEA will carry on with the same tasks.

A new advisory body to NEF will be set up including current SEA trustees to champion the interests of SuperHomers. John Doggart, Chairman of SEA since 2007, will remain on the advisory body.

He commented “SEA and SuperHomers have had a major impact on the development and promotion of low energy refurbishment and it’s important this continues. Society and our expectations are changing and SuperHomes will need to adapt to new circumstances and opportunities. By SEA and NEF merging we can meet our common aims faster. It’s definitely a win win!”

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