What is a SuperHome?

The SuperHomes Network

What is the network?

The SuperHomes network is a membership group run by the National Energy Foundation.  Membership of the network is open to all individuals and organisations, such as landlords and industry who have an interest in reduction of carbon emissions in existing homes, alongside improved health and comfort for occupants.  Members pay an annual fee to be a part of the network.

Why has it been set up?

The UK Government has set out an ambition to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. 14% of these emissions come from the UK’s 29m existing homes. The SuperHomes network has been set up in to help achieve net zero emissions by facilitating the delivery of one million existing homes to SuperHome status by 2030.

The SuperHomes network facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and provides support and advice for anyone proceeding with domestic retrofit.

What are the benefits of joining?

If you are an individual homeowner, becoming a member of the SuperHomes network will enable you to gain knowledge about domestic retrofit, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and home comfort.  You will also be in contact with other individuals who are on a similar retrofit journey so that you can share your experiences.  You will also be given support to find the right expert to support you on your retrofit journey and will be kept up to date on new retrofit developments and attend SuperHome network events for free.

Organizations will be able to enjoy the same benefits plus have the opportunity to participate in projects and activities, join working groups on topical issues and speak at network events and seminars.  In addition, organizations will benefit from a listing on the SuperHomes website and (subject to terms and conditions) use the SuperHomes logo.

How does this fit into the wider SuperHomes journey?

Membership of the network is required for any individual or landlord that would like to have a SuperHome assessment done or have one or more properties evaluated as receiving one of the performance tiers set out in the SuperHome rating scheme.

However, it is not necessary to own a SuperHome or be in the process of retrofitting one or more domestic properties to join the SuperHome network.  The network is open to any individual or organisation that has an interest in domestic retrofit (whether planning a retrofit or offering retrofit services) who pays the annual member fee and signs up to the SuperHomes code of conduct.

What’s the aim of the network?

The aim of the network is to share retrofit knowledge and best practice and to enable networking among individuals and organisations who have the desire to make at a million zero carbon retrofits happen by 2030, whether they be a homeowner, landlord or supplier.

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